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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:20 am
by Crow
Spent a lot of money bringing vets and nothing to show for that. Stayed in 12th place in west but lost 5 more games than previous season.

Bogdanovic? Former best player in Europe, well below average on RPM (because of defense) and below average on BPM and WS/48. Shot more but shot worse as season went on. Horrible raw plus minus overall. 7 of 9 most used lineups negative and one barely positive. Negative with all ten top player pairs. Pretty bad fit and / or management.

Hield, improved some in the boxscore metrics and RPM. But only one good lineup in top 7 most used. Same as Bogdanovic's best- Mason Hield Bogdanovic WCS Kuofos. Note the names not in this lineup- Fox, Jackson, Labessire. It might be a fluke. Only 91 minutes of testing in a season that had no meaning beyond testing. Only positive player pair with Mason.

Pretty much all the other wings were weak to horrendous except Jakarr Sampson.

Fox was awful, probably worst on team.

Skal regressed on shooting, offsetting the doubling of block rate. Once again only one positive lineup in top 9 and no emphasis on it. Great for tanking, terrible for development.

Jackson didn't do anything well for the season except not turn the ball over and take 3s. Unfortunately he didn't make enough.

Mason was mostly bad but could be worth more testing.

Kuofos was probably the best impact player but with a modestly above average boxscore impact and a modestly below average RPM he isn't that exciting.

WCS, regressed as a shooter / scorer. Improved as a defensive rebounder and passer. Close to average overall. Pay to retain him this summer or next? Eh, depends how much. I wouldn't go very far. Might be better to trade him. Probably would be, depending if you can get that much.

Imo, most or all of managent failed and should be let go. Whenever the tanking is over.

Awful offense and defense because of absolute rock bottom shooting / scoring and shot defense. Net turnovers and rebounds were average but that isn't near enough to become average or good. Terrible shot distribution, terrible lineup management.

Re: Kings

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:53 am
by Crow
Kings lineup management last season was a colossal failure. 4 most used lineups, bad to horrendous. 14 of the most used 20 lineups were negative. Almost every one of the 20 most used quads, trios and pairs were negative.

Only 6 lineups used more than 1 minute per game for season and only one used barely 2 minutes per game. Didn't focus on anything. Sprayed 643 dink lineups around for about 80% of total time.

Shot distribution was probably the worst in league by Moreyball standards. Team efg% and ts% were terrible. Defensive efg% was worst in league.

Kings could be better this season with better lineup, shot and defensive management. If they don't show improvement, lots of folks should be replaced.

Re: Kings

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:35 pm
by Crow
I wonder about a lineup of Ferrell, Bogdanovic, Jackson Bjelica and Cauley Stein or maybe Kuofos. Will jt be tried more than randomly for a few minutes? Are they actually going to try hardest to win? Most defensive promise. They aren't going to win or get close to .500 split BECAUSE of offense.