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Contributed by Al Kirk
Albany Senators         1946-47
Albany Red Devils       1946-47
Albany-Troy Celtics     1947-48
Cohoes Mastodons        1946-49
Glens Falls Commodores  1947-49
Gloversville Glovers    1946-47
Harlem Yankees          1948-49
Mohawk Redskins         1946-49
Oswego Pontiacs         1947-48
Saratoga Indians        1946-49
Schenectady Comets      1946-48
Schenectady Packers     1948-49
Troy Whirlwinds         1946-47
Troy Celtics            1947-49
Utica Olympics          1946-49
In -   Albany Red Devils      1946-47 - 1947-48 [formerly Albany Senators,
                                                 moved during season]
       Albany Senators        1946-47           [charter franchise]
       Cohoes Mastodons       1946-47 - 1948-49 [charter franchise]
       Gloversville           1946-47           [charter franchise]
       Mohawk Redskins        1946-47 - 1948-49 [charter franchise]
       Saratoga Indians       1946-47 - 1948-49 [charter franchise]
       Schenectady Comets     1946-47 - 1947-48 [charter franchise]
       Troy Whirlwinds        1946-47           [charter franchise]
       Utica Olympics         1946-47 - 1948-49 [charter franchise]
Out -  Albany Senators                          [to Albany Red Devils during
       Gloversville                             [disbanded during season]
       Troy Whirlwinds                          [disbanded during season]
In -   Glen Falls Commodores  1947-48 - 1948-49 [expansion franchise]
       Oswego Pontiacs        1947-48           [expansion franchise]
       Albany-Troy Celtics    1947-48           [expansion franchise]
Out -  Albany-Troy Celtics    1947-48           [to Glen Falls Commodores
                                                 during season]
       Oswego Pontiacs                          [disbanded during season]
In -   Harlem Yahkees         1948-49           [expansion franchise]                  
       Schenectady Packers    1948-49           [expansion franchise]
Out -  Albany Red Devils                        [disbanded]
       Schenectady Comets                       [disbanded]
       Troy Celtics                             [disbanded during season]
       Utica Olympics                           [disbanded during season]
ALS - Albany Senators [Albany, NY]               1946-47
ARD - Albany Red Devils [Albany, NY]             1946-47 to 1947-48
ATC - Albany-Troy Celtics [Albany, NY-Troy, NY]  1947-48
COH - Cohoes Mastodons [Cohoes, NY               1946-47 to 1948-49
GFC - Glen Falls Commodores [Glen Falls, NY]     1947-48 to 1948-49
GLO - Gloversville [Gloversville, NY]            1946-47
HAR - Harlem Yankees [Harlem, NY]                1948-49
MOH - Mohawk Redskins [Mohawk, NY]               1946-47 to 1948-49
OSW - Oswego Pontiacs [Oswego, NY]               1947-48
SAR - Saratoga Indians [Saratoga, NY]            1946-47 to 1948-49
SCC - Schenectady Comets [Schenectady, NY]       1946-47 to 1947-48
SCP - Schenectady Packers [Schenectady, NY]      1948-49
TRW - Troy Whirlwinds [Troy, NY]                 1946-47
TRC - Troy Celtics [Troy, NY]                    1947-48
UTI - Utica Olympics [Utica, NY]                 1946-47 to 1948-49

NYSPL YEARLY STANDINGS 1946-47 - 1948-49
NYSPL 1946-47

EASTERN DIVISION                W   L  PCT.  GB
Cohoes Mastodons***            25   8  .758  ..
Albany Senators/Red Devils***  20  13  .606   5
Saratoga Indians               19  15  .558   6.5
Troy Whirlwinds**               2  32  .143  ..
WESTERN DIVISION                W   L  PCT.  GB
Utica Olympics                 25   9  .735  ..
Mohawk Redskins                24  10  .706   1
Schenectady Comets             17  17  .500   8
Gloversville*                   0  34  .000  ..
*Gloversville record was 0-7 when they folded.  All remaining
games counted as forfeit wins for remaining teams. 
**Troy was 2-12 when they ceased operations.  All remaining
games counted as forfeit wins for remaining teams.
***Final game of the season between Cohoes and Albany was
cancelled as it had no bearing on the standings and the playoffs
could start sooner.
G1 Utica - Utica 66, Mohawk 63
G2 Mohawk - Mohawk 64, Utica 60
G3 Utica - Utica 72, Mohawk 57
G4 Mohawk - Utica 69, Mohawk 42
G1 Cohoes - Albany 80, Cohoes 60
G2 Albany - Albany (W), Cohoes (L)
G3 Cohoes - Cohoes 70, Albany 54
G4 Albany - Cohoes (W), Albany (L)
G5 Cohoes - Cohoes (W), Albany (L)
G1 Utica - Utica 62, Cohoes 54
G2 Cohoes - Utica 83, Cohoes 64
G3 Utica - Utica 77, Cohoes 61
NYSPL 1947-48
EASTERN DIVISION                              W   L  PCT.  GB
Cohoes Mastodons****                         29   7  .805  ..
Saratoga Indians                             26  10  .722   3
Albany-Troy Celtics/Glen Falls Commodores*   22  14  .611   7
Oswego Pontiacs**                             2  34  .055  27
WESTERN DIVISION                              W   L  PCT.  GB
Utica Olympics                               18  18  .500  ..
Mohawk Redskins                              17  19  .472   1
Schenectady Comets***                        12  24  .333   6
*The Albany-Troy Celtics  had a 2-7 record before selling to
new owners in Glen Falls.  New owners relocate team to Glen
Falls and assumed Albany-Troy record.  Also, Glen Falls owners
sign a majority of new roster from a team located in the New
York area to finish season.
**Oswego  record was 2-10 when they folded.  All remaining games
counted as forfeit wins for remaining teams.  Albany-Troy
received five forfeit wins.  The Schenectady, Saratoga, Cohoes,
and Mohawk teams received four forfeit wins.  Utica received
three forfeit wins.
***Schenectady  was originally in the Eastern Division until the
transfer of Albany-Troy team to Glen Falls, then was switched to
the Western Division.   Out of the Playoff race Schenectady
forfeited last four games of the season .  This included two
games to Utica, one game to Mohawk and Glen Falls.
****Cohoes forfeited a game to Mohawk for failing to make the
game on time after being delayed in a snow storm in Tarrytown,
NY on December 26th.  Commissioner Basloe ruled the weather and
road conditions were not severe enough to hold up the Cohoes team.
G1 Cohoes - Cohoes 60, Saratoga 45
G2 Saratoga - Cohoes 63, Saratoga 56
Mohawk beat Utica
G1 Cohoes - Cohoes 67, Mohawk 65
G2 Mohawk - Cohoes 68, Mohawk 49
G3 Cohoes - Cohoes 72, Mohawk 59
G4 Mohawk - Cohoes 76, Mohawk 59
NYSPL 1948-49             W   L  PCT.  GB
Cohoes Mastodons         20   9  .690  ..
Mohawk Redskins          18   9  .667   0.5
Glens Falls Commodores*  19  10  .655   1
Schenectady Packers      15  12  .556   3
Harlem Yankees*          12  14  .462   6.5
Saratoga Indians          6  25  .194  15
Utica Olympics***         6  14  .300  ..
Troy Celtics****          1   3  .250  ..
*No score reported, and it is not known if the final game
of the season between Harlem and Glens Falls was played.  
**The Harlem Yankees joined the league in January and brought
a record of 7-8 that was included in the standings.  Thus the
Yankees went 5-6 over the remainder of the NYSPL schedule.   
***The Utica Olympics folded in February.
****Troy folded at the beginning of December.
G1 Mohawk - Schenectady 72, Mohawk 70
G2 Schenectady - Mohawk 57, Schenectady 55
   (This game was protested due to a time-keepers error and a
   replay ordered by the commissioner.)
G2 Schenectady - Schenectady 60, Mohawk 69
G3 Mohawk - Mohawk 63, Schenectady 60
G1 Glens Falls - Cohoes 61, Glens Falls 43
G2 Cohoes - Cohoes 56, Glens Falls 55
Championship Finals
Cohoes and Mohawk are NYSPL Co-Champions, one game apiece
Best of Five series called after two games As neither team could
maintain its rosters
As a majority of the players were involved with ABL teams in the
ABL playoffs.
G1 Cohoes - Cohoes 57, Mohawk 49
G2 Mohawk - Mohawk (W), Cohoes (L)
NYSPL TEAM ROSTERS 1946-47 - 1948-49
*Appeared with more than one team in the league due to trades, or releases

Albany Senators/Red Devils (Renamed the Red Devils 26Jan47, upon
change in ownership) - Lou Burnett, Frank "Ace" Crisafi
(EBL-Wallingford), George Duke, John Dubrutsky (EBL-Bristol),
Pete Farina, Fasula (Fasules), Jack Flanigan (St. Lawrence), Harest,
Hood, Frank Iwanski, Kane (NEL-Fitchburg, EBL-Stamford), Costa Lazarou,
Leder, Johnny McHugh (EBL-New Haven), "Chubby" Mailinconico
(EBL-New Haven), Tony Parpan (Villanova), Nick Parpan (Seton Hall),
*Willard "Will" Rice, Ralph Taggart (Geneva), Tony Tammaro
(Villanova), *Connie "Con" Toombs, Joe St. John (EBL-New Haven),
Shindell, John Varsoke (St. Lawrence), *Chuck Yund
Coach - George Duke, then replaced by Barney Sedran in mid-December
Cohoes Mastodons - Paddy Bishop (NYU), Marvin "Red" Blumenthal,
Kelly Brosman, *Paul Cooney, Ray Duvall (LaSalle Inst. Tech.),
#Edwards, Bobby Fisher (Seton Hall), Oscar Grossman, Joe Hirsch
(Brooklyn College), Humes, Herb Kapust (Brooklyn College),
*Paul Kartluke (Syracuse), Johnny Myrczkowski, Walt Mysik,
*Willard "Will" Rice (Morrisville Ag. College), *Bob Shaddock
(Syracuse), Nate Silver (Seton Hall)
Coach - Tubby Raskin (Brooklyn Col.)
#Edwards was Ed Kassler who played under this assumed name while
still attending college
Gloversville Glovers - Sam Abrams, Behan, Briaddy (may be Briatti)
*Paul Cooney, Jake Costello, Crisstallo, Allen Dernback, Donald
Dutton, Art Edwards, Fran Goodness, (Clarkson), Houghton, Dick
"Whitey" Jensen (Syracuse), Karpinski,  *Paul Kartluke, *John
Korniewicz, Mashuta, Willard "Will" Rice (Morrisville Ag. College),
Rubin, *Bob Shaddock (Syracuse, NBL-Syracuse), Trifilletti
Coach - Donald Dutton
Mohawk Redskins - Al Friedman, Billy Hoeppel (a.k.a. Hofppel), Dick
Holub (Long Island) *John Korniewicz, Hal Korovin (CCNY, ABL-Troy),
Clem McTiernan, Tom McTiernan, Millie, John Nelle, Peter Piccola,
Dick Rand (Ithaca), Royfield, John Schmitt (Georgetown), Jim
Schults/(Shultz) (Niagara), Lew Spicer, Charles "Charlie" Swart
Coach - Sheldon Basloe
Saratoga Indians - Jay Bussell (St. Francis, ABL-Troy), George
Collins, Jim Coward, Joe Dinkwood (St. Francis, ABL-Troy), Fred
Ferrie, %Bill/Walt Flannigan, Gray, Hi Grimes, *Paul Kartluke,
Lenowicz, Art Lockhead (St. Francis, ABL-Jersey City), Don Otten,
Patten, "Rocky" Petrafesa, (Norm) Rosen, Bob Rydberg, Elba "Ed"
St. Clair (played Major League Baseball), John Slab (EBL-Bristol),
Ed Stevens
Player-Coach - Bill/Walt Flannigan, then Rodny "Rody" Cooney
%Mentioned in game reports as Bill or Walt yet only one Flannigan
listed in boxscores
Schenectady Comets - Dick "Clubby" Bennett/Bednarkiewicz (Changed
name legally to Bennett at end of season), John Billy (Geneva),
"Scotty" Conner, Leland "Pete" Fox, Jerry Halstead, Carl Heiner,
Charlie Holley (Duke), Vic Mastriani, Earl May, Carl Petroski, Ed
Petroski (Michigan St.), Ed Stankawicz, Pete Suwinski, Chuck "Kayo"
Waner (Siena College)
Coach - Doug McManus
Troy Whirlwinds - Alocia, Ed Buckley (Harvard), Brenner, Fran
Curran (Notre Dame), DiBacco, Harry Donovan (Muhlenberg),
Duffy, Harry Fitzpatrick, Fultz, Gardner, Moe Goldman (CCNY),
Gregory, Art Gurfein (Long Island, ABL-Philadelhia), Gully,
Bill Henry, Hogan, Huechling, *Stan Krause, Jim Krug (Union),
McDermott (EBL-Naguatuck), McK'stree, Marino, Mason (ABL-Newark),
Tidy Millen, Lester Mintz, Tom O'Connell (EPBL-York/Reading),
Jack Pendergast, Ryan, Jim Serullo, Tucker, Red Vetters, Waters,
Williams (NEL-Fitchburg)
Coach - Harry Fitzpatrick, then replaced by Moe Goldman
Utica Olympics - Bob "Lefty" Allman, Dick Aherns, Harold "Howie"
Anderson, Paul Anthony, Bob Dewey (Colgate), Pete Farina, Griffin,
Richard Jackson (Geneva), Jim Konstanty, Stan "Fat" Krause
(Syracuse), Ben Maley, Nick Pole, Dick Rand (Ithaca), Frank
Soscia (Edinburgh St.), "Howie" Steffin (Olaf College), Bob Synott
(NBL-Ft.Wayne), Joe Uvanni (W. Maryland), Ted Wybernac, *Chuck
Yund (Villanova)
Coach - Hod Nester
Albany-Troy Celtics: *Kevin "Chuck" Connors (Boston BAA), Larry
Dodick, John Ezersky (played in ABL-Brooklyn at same time then
joined Providence of BAA), Bob Fitzgerald (PBLA-Atlanta,
ABL-Hartford), Dick Fitzgerald, *Dick Giles, Ed Golub, *Mike
McCarron (ABL-Trenton), Earl May, Johnny Mroczkowski, Bob
"Moon" Mullens (BAA-New York), Dick Murphy (ABL), *Tony Orlando
(R.P.I.), Willard "Will" Rice, John Simmons (NYU, BAA-Boston)
Cohoes Mastodons: Sam Barruci, Marvin "Red" Blumenthal, Kelly
Brosman, Jim Coward, Ike Dubow, Fredo Frey (Long Island, ABL,
BAA-New York), Jules Kasner, Nat Militzok (Hofstra), *Tony
Orlando (R.P.I.), Paul Schmones, Nick Shaback, Nat Silver
(Seton Hall), Hank Rosenstein (CCNY, BAA-New York, Providence)
Player-Coach - Jules Kasner
Glens Falls Commodores - (This team was formerly the Vermont
Vulcans pro team) Dom Binetti, Joe "Smiling Joe" Fater (Dartmouth),
Clarence Forbes, Tom Gorman, Bob Jake (Northwestern), Hank
Keller, Larry Killick (Dartmouth), Steve Murphy (Holy Cross),
Phil Press, Scott, Henry/Pete Singleton, Connie "Con" Toombs
(ABL/NBL), Bill Travers, Bill Warnecke
Coach - Danny Mack (Fordham)
Mohawk Redskins - *Paul Anthony (NBL-Buffalo) *Kevin "Chuck"
Connors (BAA-Boston), George Faust, Bob Fitzgerald, Dick Fitzgerald,
Al Friedman, Vic Hansen, Billy Hoeppel (Hofppel), Ed  Kassler
(ABL-Jersey City), *Tom McTiernan, *Mike McCarron (ABL-Trenton),
Garland "Mule" O'Shields (Tenneesee), Jim Schults (Niagara),
*Charles "Charlie" Swart, Vinnie Verdeschi (ABL-Jersey City,
Coach - Wilbur Crisp
Saratoga Indians: Puggy Bell (ABL, New York Rens), Bob "Dutch"
Denhert (ABL-Hartford),*Coulby Gunther (PBLA-Atlanta, ABL-Hartford,
EBL-Danbury), Jerry Halstead, Vic Hansen (New York Rens), Chuck
Hoefer (BAA-Boston), Bob Holm (Seton Hall), Tony Kelly (BAA-Baltimore),
Stan "Fats" Krause (West Virginia), Don Otten (Bowling Green,
NBL-Tri-City), Bill Roberts (Wyoming)
Coach - "Dutch" Dennert (ABL-Hartford)
Schenectady Comets - Dick "Clubby" Bennett/Bednarkiewicz (Siena,
Legally changed name to Bennett during '46-47 season), "Scotty"
Conner, Mike Genevrino, *Dick Giles (Cornell, Lafayette), *Coulby
Gunther (PBLA-Atlanta, ABL-Hartford, EBL-Danbury), Jim Konstanty,
Vic Mastriani (Siena), Carl Petroski, Pete Suwinski, *Charles
"Charlie" Swart, Chuck "Kayo" Waner (Siena College), Chuck Yund 
Utica Olympics - *Paul Anthony (Washington & Jefferson,
NBL-Tri-City), Pete "Petey" Farina, Bill Flanagan(?) (Could
be Bill/Walt Flannigan), Johnny Issacs (New York Rens), Jimmy
Joyce (NBL-Tri-City),*Tom McTiernan, Ben Maley, Frank Soscia, Bob
O'Shaughnessy (Nevada, NBL-Syracuse), Red Wallace, Stan Waxman
(Long Island, NBL-Syracuse), Ted Wyberanec
Coach - Bob Synott
Cohoes Mastodons - Kelly Brosman, Jim Coward, Phil Farbman (CCNY,
BAA-Boston), Gorham Getchall (BAA-Pittsburgh), Sol Kapitko, Jules
Kasner, Frank Martello, Nat Militzok (Hofstra), *Ed Pless, Hank
Rosenstein (CCNY), Nick Shaback
Glens Falls Commodores - Clarence "Speed" Forbes (ABL-Harlem), Tom
Gorman (Banned from Baseball for jumping to Mexican League), Bob
Hubbard (NBL-Tri-City), Larry Killick (Steve?), Len Salata, Steve
Sharkey (NBL-Syracuse), Henry Singeleton (ABL-Harlem), Connie "Con"
Toombs, Bill Ziele (Hartwick)
Coach - Tom Gorman
Harlem Yankees: Jerry Bailey, Cardin, Trigger Davis, Garrett, Don
Hinds (ABL), Ben McNiel (ABL), Tunell, Eddie Woolen (NBL-Dayton)
Coach - Arthur Joesph
Mohawk Redskins - (Norm?) Drucker, Ike Dubow, Monroe "Chili" Edelstien,
Ed Golub, Al "Pop" Goodwin, Vic Hansen (New York Rens), Ed Kassler,
Tony Kelly, Hank Keller, Dolly King (Long Island, NBL-Daton), Hal
Korovin (CCNY, NBL-Flint), McDonald, Murtha, Bernie Saracheck, Vinnie
Verdeschi, Ed "Rabbit" Younger (New Yrok Rens)
Coach - Bernie Sarachek
Saratoga Indians - *Pudgy Bell (ABL), Joe "Bells" Colone (NBL-Dayton),
Aubrey Davis (Oklahoma St., NBL), "Dutch" Denhert, Bob Fitzgerald,
Guertze, Jerry Halstead, Don Harvey (NBL-Dayton), Bob Holm (Seton Hall),
Charlie Isles, Ralph Kaplowitz (N.Y.U.), Walter Kaplowitz (Pratt Inst.-
cousin of Ralph), Ben Maley, Tony Orlando, Don Otten, Jack Pendergast,
Willard "Will" Rice, (Norm) Rosen, Mel Thurston (BAA-Providence), Warner,
George Weber, Ray Wertis (St. John's, BAA-Providence)
Coach - "Dutch" Denhert 
Schenectady Packers - Paul Anthony (Washington & Jefferson), Hank
Baetti (Assumption), Hank Beenders (Long Island, BAA-Boston Celtics),
Dick Bennett, Don Cotter, *Les Doctor (a.k.a. Less Doktor, EBL),
Dutch Garfinkel, Jack "Tex" Hewson, Mike McCarron, Machmann, Vic
Mastriani, Al Negratti (Seton Hall, NBL, BAA)
Coach - John "Honey" Russell  
Troy Celtics - *Pudgy Bell (ABL), Aubrey Brindle, Dan Davis, *Les
Doctor (Less Doktor, EBL), Coulby Gunther (ABL), Tony Kappen,
William Knapp, *Bob Pless, Charlie Warnecke, Jim White
Utica Olympics - Jake Barnheimer (Muhlenberg), Sol Cohen, Buck
DeSourcy, Pete Farina, Hal Flick, Al Grenert (N.Y.U., NBL-Tri-City,
Sheboygan), Johnny Issacs (ABL), Jimmy Joyce (Temple), Barry
Kriesburgh, Krushey, Al Lucas (Fordham, NBL-Sheboygan, BAA-Boston),
"Chick" Meehan, Johnny Padgett, Luke Sapan, Frank Scosia, Jim
Schults (Niagara), Frank Sebest, Red Wallace (Scranton, BAA-Boston,
Toronto), Stan Waxman, John "Big John" Williams (New York Rens)
Coach - Stan Waxman
NYSPL ARENAS 1946-47 - 1948-49

Albany - Albany Armory (3,500)
Cohoes - Cohoes Armory
Glens Falls - (Name Not Known)(1,400)
Gloversville - (Not Known)
Harlem - Rockland Palace
Mohawk - Mohawk Armory (1,800)
Saratoga - Spa Convention Center
Schenectady - State Armory
Utica - Stuben Park-State Armory(1,300)
Troy - Troy Armory
League Administration

Comissioner - Frank Basloe
Presidents - James Ronin and Joesph Throll
Secretary - Ben Danforth
Team Owners

Albany - Frank Iarossi, Nick Iarossi, Joesph Tholl, Joseph Margolis
Team sold in January to Milton Crooks and George Lee.  The New
Haven Red Devils from the Eastern Basketball League (Formerly the
Connecticut State League) where brought in by the new owners to
finish the season, and the teams nickname was changed to Red Devils

Cohoes - George Marra

Glens Falls - Larry Killick and local Investors. This team was
primarily the Vermont Vulcans pro team formed by Killick earlier
in the season.  His team then moved to Glens Falls in January to
replace the Albany-Troy Celtics

Gloversville - Lee Sturm

Harlem - Arthur Joesph

Mohawk - Frank Deck G.M., and Sheldon Basloe, President of the
Mohawk Redskins Inc.

Saratoga - Bill Flannigan 

Schenectady - Doug McManus, Ted Bradt

Troy - Jack McCarthy and Tom Wall.  In January the majority of the
independent New York Whirlwinds were signed to complete the season
In 1947-48 Paul Sahagian took over ownership and began the season
in Albany.  Then played between both Albany and Troy, where they
were known as the Twin Cities Celtics for week. Then settled in Troy
where the franchise eventually folded.

Utica - Team sponsored by the Utica Olympian Athletic Club.
Tom Ruggiaro G.M. and Olympian A.C. President Jack Madia
1946-47 NYSPL All-Star Game
8Apr47, At Schenectady, NY
Schenetady Comets 80, NYSPL Al-Stars 62
NYSPL All-Stars (62)       Schenectady Comets (80)
Willard Rice, Cohoes (23)  Carl Petroski (20)
Stan Krause, Utica (15)    Vic Mastriani (17)
Frank Soscia, Utica (5)    Stan Suwinski (8)
Frank Iwanski,Albany (4)   Eddie "Pete" Suwinski (1)
Shindell, Albany (11)      Chuck Waner (12)
Hume, Cohoes (4)           Jerry Halstead (6)
Frank Crisafi, Albany      Jim Conner (10)
"Red" Blumenthal, Cohoes   Leland Fox (4)
Elba St. Clair, Saratoga   Carl Heiner (2)
George Collins, Saratoga   Dick Bennett
Clem McTeirnan, Mohawk     Earl May
Al Friedman, Mohawk
1947-48 All Star Game
21Jan48, At Utica, NY
NYSPL Al-Stars 68, Utica Olympics 61 
Utica  Olympics (61)       NYSPL All-Stars (68)
Stan Waxman (7)            Garland "Mule" O'Shields, Mohawk (15)
Jimy Joyce (20)            George Faust, Mohawk (15)
Paul Anthony (4)           Jerry Halstead, Saratoga (6)
Pete Farina (4)            Vic Hansen, Saratoga (14)
John Isaacs (12)           Al Friedman, Mohawk (14)
Ted Wybernac (1)           Willard Rice,Alb.-Troy (7)
Ben Maley (9)              Dick Bennett, Schenectady (2)
Frank Soscia (4)           Vic Mastriani, Schenectady