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RELATIVES IN THE NBL, NPBL, PBLA, BAA, NBA & ABA as of 2013-14 season
Compiled by John Grasso, Robert Bradley and Ray LeBov

BARRY - Rick and Brent, Jon & Drew
BIBBY  -  Henry and Mike
BREWER – Ron and Ronnie
BRYANT - Joe and Kobe
CHAPMAN - Wayne and Rex
COOK – Norman and Brian
CROWDER - Corey and Jae
CURRY - Dell and Stephen and Seth
DAVIS - Terry and Ed
DAYE - Darren and Austin
DUMAS - Rich and Richard
DUNLEAVY – Mike and Mike, Jr.
ELLIS - Leroy and Leron
EWING – Patrick and Patrick, Jr.
FERRY - Bob and Danny
GARRETT - Dick and Diante
GREEN - Sidney and Taurean
GUOKAS - Matt and Matt, Jr.
HARDAWAY - Tim and Tim, Jr.
HENDERSON - Gerald and Gerald, Jr.
HENRY - Carl and Xavier
HIGGINS - Earle and Sean
HIGGINS - Rod and Cory
HORFORD - Tito and Al
HOSKET - Bill and Bill
JONES - Wali and Askia
KARL - George and Coby
LOVE - Stan and Kevin
LUCAS – John, Jr. and John III
MANNING - Ed and Danny
MARAVICH - Press and Pete
MATTHEWS - Wes and Wes, Jr.
MAY – Scott and Sean
McGUIRE - Al and Allie
MIKAN - George and Larry
MOUNT - Pete and Rick
MURPHY - Jay and Erik
PAXSON - Jim, Sr. and Jim, Jr. & John
PERRY - Curtis and HOUSTON - Byron
PIATKOWSKI - Walt and Eric
PRESSEY - Paul and Phil
PRICE - Tony and A.J.
RAUTINS - Leo and Andy
RICE - Glen and Glen, Jr. 
RIVERS - Doc and Austin
RUSSELL - Walker and Walker, Jr. 
SALVADORI - Al and Kevin
SCHAYES - Dolph and Danny
SILAS - James and Xavier
SMITH - Derek and Nolan
SZCZERBIAK - Walt and Wally
TAYLOR - Jeff and Jeffery
TEMPLE - Collis and Garrett
THOMPSON - Mychal and Klay and Mychel
VAN BREDA KOLFF - Bill and Jan
VANDEWEGHE - Ernie and Kiki
VAUGHN - David and David III
VROMAN – Brett and Jackson
WAGNER – Milt and Dajuan
WALKER - Jimmy and Jalen Rose
WALTON – Bill and Luke
WILKINS – Gerald and Damien

ANDERSON - Willie and Shandon
BARRY - Brent, Jon and Drew
BRADLEY - Charles and Dudley
BRANNUM – Bob (NBA) and Clarence (NPBL)(twins)
BUSH – Jerry (NBL) and George (NPBL)
COLLINS – Jarron and Jason (twins)
CORLEY - Ken and Ray
CRAWFORD - Joe and Jordan
CURRY - Stephen and Seth
DAVIS - Brad and Mickey
DOUGLAS - John and Leon
FISHER - Derek and WASHINGTON - Duane
FITZGERALD - Bob and Dick
GASOL - Marc and Pau
GERVIN - George and Derrick
GIBBS – Jim(NBL) and John(NBL) 
GONDREZICK - Glen and Grant
GRAHAM – Joey and Stephen (twins)
GRANT - Harvey and Horace (twins)
GRIFFIN - Blake and Taylor 
GUOKAS - Al and Matt, Sr.
HANSBROUGH - Ben and Tyler
HOLIDAY - Jrue and Justin
HUFFMAN – Marvin(NBL) and Vern(NBL)
JOHNSON - Eddie and Frank
JOHNSON - Eric and Vinnie
JONES - Caldwell, Charles, Major and Wil
JONES - Nick and Steve
JORGENSEN - Noble and Roger
KAEDING – Jim(PBLA) and Wayne(PBLA)
KING - Albert and Bernard
KNIGHT – Brandin and Brevin
KOLAR – Eddie(NBL) and Otto(NBL)
LALICH – Nick (NBL) and Pete
LANDRY - Carl and Marcus
LEE - Ron and Russell
LOPEZ - Brook and Robin (twins)
McCRAY - Rodney and Scooter
McGUIRE - Al and Dick
MEHEN – Bernie(NBL) and Dick
MELCHIONNI - Bill and Gary
MIKAN - Ed and George
MORRIS - Marcus and Markieff (twins)
NATT - Calvin and Kenny
NORRIS - Audie and Sylvester
O'BANNON - Ed and Charles
O’DONNELL – Neil(NBL) and Jim(NBL)
OGDEN - Bud and Ralph
OTTEN - Don and Mac
PARGO - Jannero and Jeremy
PAWK – John(NBL) and Steve(NBL)
PAXSON - Jim, Jr. and John
PEARCY - George and Henry
PERSON - Chuck and Wesley
PLUMLEE - Miles and Mason
POSEWITZ – Johnny(NBL) and Joe “Scoop”(NBL)
PRICE – Al(NBL) and Bernie(NBL)
PRICE - Brent and Mark
PRICE - Jim and Mike
RADER – Howie and Lenny(NBL) (twins)
RIEBE – Bill(NBL) and Mel
ROLLINS - Kenny and Phil
RUSH - Brandon and Kareem
RUSSELL - Campy, Frank and Walker
SASSER – Jason and Jeryl
SCHEFFLER - Steve and Tom
SHORT - Eugene and Purvis
SIMMONS - Connie and Johnny
SMITH - J.R. and Chris
SOJOURNER - Mike and Willie
STACKHOUSE - Jerry and DAWSON - Tony
STITH - Sam and Tom
TEAGUE - Jeff and Marquis
TELFAIR – Sebastian and Jamel Thomas
THOMAS - Carl and Charles (twins)
THOMPSON - Klay and Mychel
TRAPP - George and John Q.
VAN ARSDALE - Dick and Tom (twins)
VINCENT - Jay and Sam
WILEY - Michael and Morton
WILKINS - Dominique and Gerald
WILLIAMS - Gus and Ray
ZELLER - Luke, Tyler and Cody

Kwame Brown and Jabari Smith
Evers Burns and Len Elmore
Demetrius Calip and Desmon Farmer
Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady
Luol Deng and Deng Gai
Julius Erving and Jeff Halliburton
Channing Frye and Tobias Harris
Al Harrington and Dahntay Jones
Byron Irvin and Doc Rivers
Terrence Jones and Damon Stoudamire
Terrence Jones and Salim Stoudamire
Stephon Marbury and Jamel Thomas
Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair
Lamond and Tracy Murray
Khris Middleton and Josh Powell
Willis Reed and Orlando Woolridge
Terrance and Anthony Roberson
Nate Robinson and Tony Wroten
Damon and Salim Stoudamire
Jason Terry and Martell Webster
Al and Marcus Thornton
Danny Vranes and Jeff Judkins
David Wesley and Michael Dickerson

Jonathan Bender and Morris Peterson
Cory Joseph and Kris Joseph
Robert Parish and Larry Robinson

Jim Brewer and Doc Rivers
Walter Davis and Hubert Davis
Al Eberhard and Luke Zeller
Al Eberhard and Tyler Zeller
Al Eberhard and Cody Zeller
Al Guokas and Matt Guokas, Jr.
Steve Hawes and Spencer Hawes
Mel Hutchins and Kiki Vandeweghe
Mickey Johnson and Linton Johnson
John Long and Grant Long
John Long and Terry Mills
Manny Leaks and Keith Benson
Dick McGuire and Allie McGuire
Ed Mikan and Larry Mikan
Clifford Pondexter and Quincy Pondexter
Campy Russell and Walker Russell, Jr.
Frank Russell and Walker Russell, Jr. 
Dominique Wilkins and Damien Wilkins

Johnny Townsend and Eric Montross
Bruce Hale and Brent, Jon & Drew Barry
John Barber and Jason & Jeryl Sasser
Ron Shavlik and Shavlik Randolph